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PHP Application Programming.
Digital Content Creation.

Web Design & Hosting

Scenius Media can design or host your website or websites, we can host static, dynamic or content managed websites on our secure servers at extremely competitive rates.

We can provide and set up SSL certificates for secure services or to improve your search engine rankings. We are available to consult on best practices for improving search engine rankings (SEO). We can support new clients or established businesses who may be seeking an efficient hosting or application service.

Static sites programmed in HTML are light on their feet, they provide a fast, simple and consistent solution for a fixed web presence. We can create Dynamic applications or services via secure server side coding practices (PHP). These may be fully operational proof of concepts, research applications or services that operate through any browser. For content managed solutions we recommend WordPress.

Scenius Media has been operational for nearly three decades, the Internet has now become intrinsic to our lives and we can provide web solutions that meet your requirements.

To access your webmail use the URL with your domain name i.e. If you are running a secure site you may need to use the URL note the s in the URL.

The control panel is where you can administer your website, add mailboxes or access your webspace. To access the control panel on your website to carry out administrative work append the word control to your domain name i.e. ( if your site is secure).
Please note. Be careful in the control panel as changes you make may affect the stability or security of your website.

Server Status

LMS Foundation Course

The Institute of Life

The Institute of Life is a training company based in London in the UK. They provide training that prepares you for life using ISO and British Standard management systems.

This application written in PHP is the course structure and learning materials for Life Management Training. It's for Students and Trainers alike and supports the full learning Journey.



An example of a simple secure website for a local successful business.


3D Gallery demonstration example. For best effect, fullsize your screen. Feel free to wonder around and look at the art or photos.

We're a UK company based in Devon who aim to assist people with their online presence. We draw inspiration from philosophy, the arts and life in general and like to focus on projects that contain good ideas especially if their objective favours a betterment in society. We've committed to an ethical approach in getting things done and judge our success on the results we achieve.

The definition of Scenius "The intelligence and intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of genius. Scenius is like genius, only embedded in a scene rather than in a gene”. Brian Eno.